About The Book

Table of Contents


Part I: Building a Game with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Chapter 1: Preparation and Setup
Chapter 2: Sprite Animation Using jQuery and CSS
Chapter 3: Game Logic
Chapter 4: Translating Game State to the Display

Part II: Enhancements with HTML5 and Canvas

Chapter 5: CSS Transitions, Transformations, and the HTML Canvas
Chapter 6: Rendering Canvas Sprites
Chapter 7: Levels, Sound, and More
Chapter 8: Next Steps in HTML5

Afterword: Go Make Some Games!

About the Author

Karl Bunyan is a game developer who worked at Game Show Network on its Facebook gaming platform. He has spoken at conferences like the HTML5 Developer Conference and the London HTML5 Game Developers group, as well as at Facebook Garage events in London. He is the creator of Wedu Games, where he currently builds games for web and mobile.